SOLOMEINA at its heart is a new approach to making jewellery. Our belief is that the form an artwork takes should be inspired by its materials; Not the other way around, as is the case in traditional art forms, in which the artist 'transforms' base materials into something very different. SOLOMEINA stands behind truth and quality to materials; We believe the nature of your materials and what you stand for should not be hidden, but celebrated. Every piece is original, handcrafted and personal to us.

Our hope is to create works that are reflections of the world through our eyes. Pieces that carry a part of us and that reflect our constant excitement, the dynamism we see in the world and the free-flowing qualities of space that we're fascinated with.

About Us:

Sisters Elizabeth and Ekaterina Solomeina are 2nd generation authentic jewellery designers. Under their jewelry designer mother Irina's tutelage they grew up in Russia surrounded by design and artisan craftsmanship. At the age of 6, both Ekaterina and Elizabeth were accepted into 'Yekaterinburg's School for Prodigies'. Elizabeth went on to win multiple awards for her sculpting, most notably, The National Moscow Exhibition award; while Ekaterina focusing on more traditional studies was accepted into college by the age of 15.

Their career choices taking them to New York and London, in 2009, the Solomeina sisters founded their own design company Solomeina Inc. Finding success relatively quickly, The sisters won an D&AD award for design, co-authored "London Design" and can be seen in TED talks.

With their talents and experience in design and sculpting, in early 2014, the sisters launched their jewellery brand SOLOMEINA. Wanting to bring to the world their edgy constructivist inspired design vision; their jewellery captures their inner ideals of beauty and edge.

"We’d like people to seek out our pieces not just because they want to wear them, but because they are attracted to them as objects."