2 Girls & A Brush




Candrice Austin has created a luxury Vegan line of brushes. Founded January 3,2020 in Atlanta,Ga . In doing so I decided to brand and produce vegan brushes that are non animal tested natural fibered brushes and some that have synthetic fibers. My products are numbered labeled, and named for its use. 

2 Girls & A Brush has marketed and branded  a Vision line of brushes through a private label created by private manufacturers . In March of 2020 I started a PodCast with small tutorials. In doing so I took on 16 Brand Ambassadors,for my PodCasts  always demonstrates the great use for my products. Applying Foundations, Concealers, Makeup palettes  Etc. While teaching great techniques to applying flawless makeup. Showing the products are great factors,  and I want to ensure it's the right product and correct skin care method  for my viewers. Along with this in mind May of 2020,2 Girls & A Brush became a sponsor for companies such as Goddess Lashes and A Gorgeous face. We decided to collaborate with these brands to expand the market. 

2 Girls & A brush where great brushes think alike.