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We are a label that supplies purpose and uniqueness through high-quality products that showcase the work of contemporary artists.
What does art mean in the future of our human expression?
Us creatives are numb to the frigid saturated markets that produce meaningless products. We feel deprived of individual expression, detached from Art and design.
Is mass-produce-sell-repeat the future?
Fatal concentrations of corporate iguanas have removed the ideas that don't "fit" in and replaced them with the mainstream scheme of things.
Our creativity has been dulled, impoverished, in the name of society's explanation for the "Truth" "Reality" and "Need". They have compromised the pure existence of wanting something different & purpose-driven.
They have narrowed the lense of artistic ideas and built ones that resonate with a crowd of cross-walking herd of sheep.
And we receive checks of "insufficient funds".
But what about the apocalyptic dreams of what we aim to represent.
Dreams of the last bits, is there hope for them out of the LOREM IPSUM templates?
Is there hope for them. Out of the rhetoric of data as the new oil?
We believe there is, A world of art vs reptiles.
So we created A Lot, a collective space where our essence is inclusion.
We feature, exhibit and collaborate with upcoming artists.