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"Fueled by fortitude, femininity, and fierceness, aŠady is a effervescent brand for the fearless."
Designer and namesake of the brand, Dana Asady, uses her lived experience to draw inspiration from past and present to design regal statement pieces, and eye-catching jewelry. For decades, Dana has lived across the Middle East,North Africa and America, soaking in experiences, art, and culture--armed with a sketch book in hand every time inspiration strikes. 
 With aŠady, Dana's work is influenced by timeless shapes and roots in ancient Mesopatamia where she pays a respectful homage to the art and culture that has influenced her life. aŠady's mission is to blur the lines between art, cultures and functionality through bold creations. The vivid colors, striking embellishments and rich fabrics, adorned with intricate embroidery are the perfect formula to add a feminine touch to each unique piece by aŠady .
Dana aims to inspire creativity in her client’s lives by elevating their style, one daring piece at a time.