A Silk Purse


A Silk Purse vintage-inspired jewelry is a celebration of old and new.

Owner, Suzanne Valeriano, believes in limitless possibilities and an evolving creative process.  A self-taught artist; she envisions, curates, and creates each design by hand.  Her inspiration comes from a true appreciation of the artistry that exists throughout the rich history of vogue jewelry design.  Each piece, the only one of its kind, combines rescued jewelry with various old and new materials and eclectic elements.  These innovative creations always get noticed.  True to feminine form & expression, they will be among your most cherished possessions.

Above all, the mission of A Silk Purse is to create a legacy of art jewelry that is a reflection of the past, a statement in the present and an heirloom for the future.   A Silk Purse will allow you to feel the unique depth of character that comes from artisan jewelry.  And (from this)  you will experience a special relationship with the exquisite charm, rare quality and classic beauty of vintage fashion jewelry.

Suzanne Valeriano

Jewelry Artist

A Silk Purse Gilded Garden Necklace
A Silk Purse On Fire! Necklace
A Silk Purse Dahlia Necklace
A Silk Purse Coventry Bracelet
A Silk Purse Reneaissance Earrings