Afle Bijoux

Aflé Bijoux is a luxury Afro-German jewellery brand proudly inspired by the Akan culture (Côte d´Ivoire/ Ghana). Aflé Bijoux celebrates traditions and cultural blending by presenting unique creations that foster self-confidence. 

Aflé Bijoux is lead by Oukassa, the founder and creative director. Born in Côte d´Ivoire, Oukassa has successively lived in Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. She blends her multicultural personality with her strong Akan heritage to create her unique and contemporary pieces. 

The brand was launched in 2010. The jewellery collections were showcased at major international shows in Africa, Europe and America namely BIJOHRCA Paris, the JA New York Show, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week.

Aflé Bijoux Sparkle Ring Large
Aflé Bijoux Adinkra Necklace Gye Nyame
Aflé Bijoux Adinkra Necklace Nyame Dua
Aflé Bijoux Adinkra Necklace Obaa Pa Large
Aflé Bijoux Large Sparkle Necklace
Aflé Bijoux Large Sparkle Earrings
Aflé Bijoux Sparkle Bracelet
Aflé Bijoux Akan Goldweights Sautoir