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Redefine the art of batik by adorning contemporary designs
to the time-honoured tradition of batik-making.

The traditional batik-making is a process that uses wax-resist technique that
prevents the dye from spreading to the entire cloth, ultimately creating beautiful
batik designs and patterns. The design is made by using a spouted tool called
canting (or tjanting) to draw dots and lines on the resist. This is an artisanal and
meticulous process that takes time to complete and yields intricate patterns.
Aidastoryofbatik uses exquisite organic colourants derived from earth-friendly
plant-extracted pigments that are applied on natural fabrics – silk, chiffon silk,
organza silk, crepe silk, linen and cotton. This rekindles centuries-old applied art
and traditional culture that have existed in the Malay archipelago since the
1500s, simultaneously creating individually designed pieces as expressive
wearable art.