Alexandra Popescu-York




Fashion and Art


Alexandra Popescu-York is a New York City based luxury fashion designer and visual artist who created the brand that carries the same name from love of Art and Fashion. Studying classical art from an early age and graduating from a prestigious Art University in Europe, working with prestigious Fashion Houses both in Europe and US, Alexandra is developing her brand for over a decade with the highest ethical and artistic standards, creating from Couture pieces one-of-a kind  to ready-to-wear limited edition collections.



Alexandra Popescu-York  collections are treated like pieces of art. All the pieces created are shown in the runaway collection at NYFW. 

 Alexandra’s collections are exuberant, modern, avant-garde at times but also very versatile and price point accessible. 


All Alexandra Popescu-York’s Women and Men Collections are designed and made in New York and Europe in limited editions.