Anne Karim



Ida Karim, the founder and designer also known as Anne by her family and friends, has always had a love for blazers. Her passion is rooted from her career in the legal and financial industry where she believes that career women can and should be taken seriously in the boardroom despite wearing the ‘out of ordinary’ work blazer - the black, the grey or the boring gloomy blue!

Anne Karim is an independent ethical brand. The brand specialises in creating luxury blazers for the modern woman and are imaginatively crafted in exquisite detail to accentuate the essence of a woman’s personality, femininity and style, whatever the season.. They are manufactured in London and every aspect that goes into the making of an Anne Karim is meticulously curated. From the finest Italian and Japanese fabrics to the most durable hardware, no cost is spared when it comes to the material we use.Even the people we work with are, first and foremost, decent human beings who also happen to be great at what they do.

An Anne Karim is made to wear and made to last.

When in doubt, throw on a blazer!

Anne Karim Italian Sunset Rustic Blazer
Anne Karim Monaco Blazer
Anne Karim Nefertiti Blazer
Anne Karim Champagne Blazer
Anne Karim Duchess Cropped Blazer
Anne Karim Italian Sunset Blazer