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Anumzi is a Toronto based Fashion Designer. Born in the U.A.E, Anumzi grew up amidst many cultures.  Her experience now feeds into her work, which acts as a collection of ideas. At first, she wanted to pursue on being the greatest soccer player; soon enough she decided to study fashion as a mode of expressing her creativity through mostly designing. She believes learning about the past (cultural & Historical) can give people a new outlook on life and making a difference.After graduating Anumzi sold in Dubai at exhibitions, and moved onto pop-ups and runway shows in Toronto.Each collection was driven by some era from the past whether it be the roaring 1920's or retro 70's. Anumzi's collection "Urban Tribe" is a movement of introducing something new and fresh; while breaking a few barriers.  Teaching everyone about the Ajrak Fabric and where it comes from has been a long dream of hers. It has always been a part of her life while growing up and wanted to share the beauty of the fabric globally.