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The ARANYANI brand is part of the PT Sainath Group Indonesia, and it is owned by the Group’s company in India Said Lakshmi Industries Private Limited. The Group has been in business since 1978 and has served large US clients. But one of the family members had a dream to create a brand that empowers youth and communities in India to impact their economic development through their art.


ARANYANI brings a unique forest-inspired experience to the discerning world-class consumer. Each ARANYANI product is inspired by nature and they embody a royal- deserving attributes. Through careful preserved heritage and a vibrant fashion relevance, ARANYANI takes pride in its creation of a distinctive refined art de Vivre, which in other words may be called, a bag. 

ARANYANI, was founded in 2016 by Haresh Mirpuri, after years of research and working with different communities and projects in India and Nepal from a social impact perspective, the brand ARANYANI was launched in India. 

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