Arson Degree



Letter from the designer

As head designer at Arson Degree, I wanted to create a brand for those who did not naturally fit in. In today’s world, everything can seem very black and white, but as a new brand we want to add an eccentric twist to the industry.  We focus solely on fit, quality and details to make our garments stand out in any crowd. 

Arson Degree was founded in 2019 with the sole purpose of creating a unique brand for the exclusive set of customers who are looking for the wow-factor and to make a fashion-statement with elegance and style! We strive to be a very distinct brand due to WHO exactly we design for. Our Clients are often very BOLD and unapologetic individuals who break the rules when it comes to style and elegance. Arson Degree is not only a brand, it’s a lifestyle. Be bold. Be Eccentric. Be timeless. Be Arson Degree!

Arson Degree "DALORE" Jacket
Arson Degree "CoCo" Jacket