Art Point



art point – a Vienna-based brand was founded in 1999 by Lena Kvadrat. Under her direction two collections a year, designed with an annual overarching theme, have been produced and distributed via the brands own concept store as well as international exhibitions and distributors. Having lived and worked in Vienna and Moscow, traversing both real and virtual borders, Lena Kvadrat's work has also traversed the borders of fashion design. Through understanding fashion as a means of communication and as a symbolic language - which uses both explicit and encoded signals - she has created presentations and projects in collaboration with people from other creative fields and institutions. These projects, often taking on the form of performances, which alongside the designs, serve to reflect on the cultural and social relevance of fashion in general. Creating awareness of the fact that clothing and accessories are subjected to differing social codes, transmitting a symbolism which can be decoded, and if possible transformed, art point's collections are dedicated to developing a certain, often broad or abstract topic and subsequently transform these observations into actual garments.