Āsmi (Sanskrit for "I am") stands for modern Ayurvedic lifestyle: pure, close to nature, individual and timeless.

Thousands of years old Ayurvedic tradition meets minimalist, Nordic design. Handcrafted with a lot of love in Germany, Italy and Sweden, the products combine uncompromising sustainability and regionality. For more balance, well-being and a mindful approach to each other and our planet.


Āsmi’s exceptional teas and body care essentials are crafted with art and intention, using only the finest natural ingredients. Their teas are sourced from handpicked, Ayurvedic botanicals known for their beneficial properties. Their perfume oils relax, balance, and harmonize the senses, and are made from 97% organic ingredients. For every bottle of perfume oil they sell, a tree is planted and 1kg of plastic waste is removed from the sea.

Asmi is Ayurveda reimagined.

ĀSMI Nair Body oil Wind
From $7.00 - $68.00
ĀSMI Nair Body oil Fire
From $7.00 - $68.00
ĀSMI Nair Body oil Earth
From $7.00 - $68.00