Asta Fashions



EMF Protective Clothing Collection

by Asta Jakubson

ESTABLISHED 2008 / Based in Ireland

After losing my Mom this year the importance of health & how we can protect ourselves became my main fashion purpose. The silent killer know as EMF ( electromagnetic waves) is surrounding us on a daily basis. The dangers of electromagnetic radiation or EMF's are a serious problem in our modern world. EMF radiation is caused by electrical devices like our phones, laptops, wifi, cell towers, 5G & even our microwaves. 

I have designed a collection made from a protective fabric containing 99.9% silver threading which acts as a shield & protects us against this harmful radiation. Silver is known to contain ions which blocks bacteria from spreading, reducing the risks of infectious diseases. The collection is stylish, versatile, lightweight & comfortable to wear but most importantly it keeps you protected. 



  • Winner Style Awards 
  • Chosen Paris Fashion Week Designer 2019
  • Accredited Leader in Fashion - Business All Stars Awards 2019
  • Best in Retail Award - Business & Tourism Awards 2019
  • Published Book Author - 2019
  • Best Fashion Designer - Wow Awards 2020
  • Best International Success Mentor - Wow Awards 2020
  • Chosen Member of The International Society of Female Professionals 2020

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