Baszicare is dedicated to the skin’s amazing ability to care for itself; it just needs a little help along the way. To this end baszicare promotes and encourages the skin’s natural processes to help it achieve a more balanced state of being. baszicare uses the western science of skincare formulation with eastern ingredients, including Chinese herbs. East and West. Yin and Yang. Hot and cold. Opposites exist to unify the two into one. Achieving balance through opposites is a practice stretching back millennia. We’ve decided it’s good practice.

Baszicare ARTIUS eye vital supreme 20ML
Baszicare ROSEUS floral hydrating toner 100ML
Baszicare FONS regenerative eye serum 20ML
Baszicare PURUS foaming cream cleanser 100ML
Baszicare ARRIGO supreme lifting serum 40ML
Baszicare RELEVIUM active soothing primer 40ML
Baszicare VIVAX deluge lift moisturizer 40ML
Baszicare PURGO sylvan purifying oil 100ML
Baszicare ABEO lux spot treatment 20ML