Bent Beauty



Keisha Bent is the founder and owner of Bent Beauty. Bent Beauty is an
e-commerce founded in 2018. Bent Beauty was started with a line of faux lashes coined "Hot Gyal Lashes," the line includes a variety of lashes, including mink, faux mink, silk, magnetic lashes and carnival inspired lashes. The name Hot Gyal originates from Keisha's Jamaican heritage where "Hot Gyal" is a common compliment given to women. Since the start, Bent Beauty has always believed in proudly displaying black beauty and pride. Keisha believes that beauty doesn't have an expiration date, nor is it just one thing. Today, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for the three Ls, Lashes, Lips, and Lids. Our goal at Bent Beauty is to reach women of all ages that think they don't need makeup or that using makeup is too hard. We want to to educate and empower these women on how fabulous makeup can be. when you have the right information We want women to explore Bent Beauty and let our products help them bring out their inner hot gyal.

Our lashes are handmade and very soft. They come in a variety of lengths & we also have magnetic lashes which are very easy to apply. 

Our lipsticks are made with vitamin E and Jojoba oil which adds a layer of moisture and wears well but does not linger when you wipe it off with a makeup wipe. 

Our shadows are pigmented bold and bright and one color in any palette can create a simple look 


Bent Beauty Newbie Lash kit