Bodylicious Couture



Jennifer Love is the Founder/CEO and Fashion Designer of Bodylicious Couture – an American High Fashion Brand that embodies bold, edgy, femininity with versatile ready-to-wear pieces, designed with an effortless make up.

Inspired by three bold women in her life: Ella (Grandmother), Louise (Great Aunt), Lois (Mother), and the confident women she saw traveling the world, Jennifer set out to create classic garments that instills confidence in women not afraid to show off their curves. Each garment is made by hand with high quality fabric.

Born in Augusta, GA, Jennifer loved designing at an early age, which came naturally as her mother was an interior designer. Her creativity gave birth to her first collection, Passport to Freedom, in 2017. In 2018, she launched Bodylicious Couture, Passport to Freedom collection, and has been featured in many high fashion magazines, loved by many women, recommended by celebrity stylists and celebrities alike.

This is just the beginning for Jennifer Love and the Bodylicious Couture brand, as she focuses on building an innovative high fashion label.