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Brignol SkinCare was born in 2015 by Connecticut-based physician Dr. Jocelyne Bouchereau. With copious years of clinical research experience, Bouchereau has a keen understanding of skin health and product formulation. By partnering with knowledgeable field research scientists, the newly launched Brignol Skincare is a truly a skincare solution. As one of the most effective ranges of clinically tested skincare, the full line features premium ingredients and cutting-edge technology that together delivers impactful results. The skincare systems are packed with innovative combinations of concentrated active ingredients that have been clinically tested to delivery visible results.
Brignol Skincare's Age Reversing System is designed to moisturize and nourish skin, it’s also a product with protective properties acting as barriers from future daily environmental aggressors and the damage they cause. Brignol SkinCare’s Skin Brightening System is a comprehensive three-step regimen that visibly brightens skin for a more youthful, radiant appearance. This product trio is packed with potent, efficacious ingredients that boost luminosity, combat dullness and fight signs of environmental aging.