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We believe hats are more than an accessory. Hats are an expression of yourself.

“Hats from Spain by Cabeza de Calabaza” is a hat brand created by Spanish hat maker Irene Obeso-Martin. She creates hats as a piece of art, as an expression of yourself, not just a complement. That is the brand ́s leitmotiv. A hat can tell many stories; a hat can explain how it ́s owner personality, and mainly, hats make people happy.

Our hats are designed to be special, handmade one by one at our atelier in Madrid, Spain. Each one of them is made individually, using traditional techniques and vintage tools. Irene designs and makes every single hat that comes out of our atelier, so all of them are unique and special.

Graduated in Fine Arts, Irene applies her creativity and skills on her designs. She thinks hats can be like little pieces of art. Every collection has it ́s own personality, it is not just a hat, it is a piece of design.