We here at Cali Wink believe in our productEach item we sell is carefully designed for qualityOur inspiration derives from some of California's most breathtaking views. From San Diego's gorgeous sunsets over Coronado Bay, the majestic glistening golden sands of the beach, to the beautifully elegant reds and oranges slowly fading over the Mojave Desert.  Giving you a taste of beautiful California.  

Manufactured with the best ingredients that any skin type can wear, and inspected to ensure that our customers get exactly what they paid for.  But our product being high end is not our only beliefHere at Cali Wink, we have 3 core values: Family, Unity, and Hope.  All 3 go hand in hand and are as beautiful as the looks created using our products.  So with our values in mind from the beginning, we started the Cali Wink Project: Giving back to people in need of essential groceries!  Every purchase made, whether it is big or small, the profits go to provide essential groceries for families in need!  

Cali Wink's mission is to help make the world a beautiful place!

Cali Wink Makeup Setting Spray
Cali Wink Desert Sunset Blush
Cali Wink Glow Highlight Palette
Cali Wink Sunsets & Shores Eyeshadow Palette