Callista By Vinita



They say the road less taken is hardest. For me, it was the only path I would ever choose. Hi, I’m Vinita, the founder and designer at Callista By Vinita. I’ve always been an ardent fan of individual freedom and inclined towards creativity from a very young age. I decided to walk my own path and that is how Callista came to be. I left a corporate life behind to pursue my creative interests. In 2010, I received a degree in Jewelry Design and moved to the United States, further receiving certifications form GIA & New York Jewelry Design Institute. Today, I bring to you the fruit of my experiances in the form of Callista By Vinita. Let Callista become a part of your story, as it helped shape my own. Stay unique, original and true to yourself with jewelry that’s every bit as eclectic as you are. 

With Love,