Capittana was founded in October 2014 by siblings Raffaella and Stefano. It started as a dream to become a leading swimwear brand that empowers women through fashion- forward, high-quality products handmade in Peru. Since then, Capittana has become the leader in the Peruvian swimwear industry and has global presence through its e- commerce and leading wholesalers.

With only 5 years in the market, Capittana sells over 15 thousand swimsuits per year, as well as resort-wear and accessories.


  • First store inauguration: Lima, Peru 2016
  • Today: 4 Owned Stores E-commerce with worldwide shipping (launching a new web January 2021) +30 wholesale partners in 16 countries (Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela, Chile, United States, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Japan, France, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine)


The word 'Capittana' means female captain, which represents a strong, confident, and independent woman who lives life with passion.


All of our products represent sustainability and female empowerment. The fabrics are produced in a factory that recycles its water, uses solar panels for energy, and has tree plantations to neutralize its carbon output. Then, the garments are handcrafted by at-risk women and single mothers in Lima, Peru. These women are not just employees but partners of the brand. We strive to empower them by lifting them out of poverty, providing a stable income, and offering a safe, welcoming working environment. So, when you buy a Capittana item, you are not just buying a product. You are buying a piece of art and soul of these inspiring women.


Capittana is on the forefront of the swimwear industry by introducing a one-stop shop for our customers. Besides Bikinis and One pieces, you can find Ready-to-wear, Dresses, Accessories, and a line for Men. Everything you need for a beach weekend getaway in one place. Directly addressing the worldwide trends in every line of product.

What makes us Special? 

  • Fashion Forward
  • High-Quality
  • Hand-made


  • Women in AB1 classes, aged 18-35.
  • They want to invest in sustainable fashion and look for new high-quality swimwear all year.
  • They value themselves before anyone else.
  • They really care about the transparency of the fashion industry.
  • Hard working women who stand out for their passion and drive.


Capittana is committed with full transparency in the Life Cycle of the Product. From producing the pieces of art by single mothers and women in high risk situations, to the end-consumer which are women that want to be independent, strong, and live life with passion.

Our mission never ends. Capittana won't stop pushing for awareness, acceptance and equality for women from all over the world.

Capittana works with a dedicated and thorough communication strategy to deliver high quality content throughout all the customer's journey. We have built a strong brand equity through Digital Marketing that reaches customers all around the world, sharing our story of community, growth and women empowerment


  • Two or three collections per year.
  • 30 styles per collection.
  • Each collection is released in 3 parts.
  • 26 different types of fabrics are used for each collection.
  • Each fabric is used to produce up to 2 different styles.


  • Mattel x Capittana: In March 2019, Mattel chose Capittana to make an official collaboration for the 60 years of Barbie. A full collection of swimwear and a full collection of dolls was made with the Barbie brand by Capittana.
  • Disney x Capittana: In September 2019, Disney chose Capittana to make an official collaboration for the 30 years of The Little Mermaid. A full collection of swimwear was made and introduced in a huge event next to the ocean in Lima, Perú.


  • Capittana x Mafer Neyra
  • Capittana x Ximena Moral
  • Capittana x Cristalina x Mariasee
  • Capittana x Carolina Braedt
  • Capittana x Mia Blakeman