Caprice Decadent

Since early childhood, Norwegian-born Gunilla Sterud had a strong fascination for everything of beauty; music, art, fashion, literature and last but not least jewelry.  Her father’s work brought the family to Athens during her preteens where she became enchanted with Greek’s rich culture and history and discovered the exquisite craftsmanship found within their jewelry artisans.

Gunilla followed her passion to the University of Oslo where she submerged herself in studies of French History, Art History, Painting and ultimately obtaining her degree as a Philologist.  This love for the Classics grew strong and in 2015, Gunilla was introduced to a family-run Greek workshop who offered up the opportunity to bring the beauty she saw in The Arts to life through jewelry.

Caprice Decadent is about color combinations and building on classical shapes, from Antiquity to Art Deco.  The aim is to make women feel glamorous and chic, and to make timeless jewelry of very high quality, to be enjoyed for decades.