Cheri Mai Skincare




Nadia Tamara Lee has an instilled desire to see men and women look and feel their best. Not just on the outside, but as a whole.

In the early stages of her career working as an Aesthetician and Makeup Artist she quickly discovered that healing impurities holistically rather than covering them up on the outside is what resonated with her most.


Being in the industry for over 15 years at the time, Nadia’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to open up her own business in a medical clinic. After her clientele began to grow to over 800 clients in less than 2 years, she decided to move to a larger location so she could expand her business and do more for her clients.

Now after 20 years of experience, she plans to share the knowledge and wisdom through online courses, blogs and continuing to share her expertise with her clients, one by one.


Venturing into creating her own skincare line called Cheri Mai Skincare, named after her late mother, Nadia has developed scrubs, toners, serums, treatment oils, and lip balm and sells them in an online boutique. She recently added cleansers, moisturizers and masks to complete the line and provide everything needed for an effective skincare routine.

Each and every one has been tested on herself first and then put through an extensive case study with people of all different skin types. Her products help with hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne, scarring and more.