Century Health Holding Co., Ltd (CHH) is an Australian owned and operated company that has developed a range of health & wellness brands that support a healthier, cleaner and more active lifestyle for consumers through the convergence of nature and science.

With a focus on holistic wellness, CHH creates consumer products ranging from the beginning of life through to living a healthy fulfilled life.

CHH owns AXS, a high-end functional health and dietary supplement brand; Mere, a high-performance luxury natural skin care and lifestyle brand; and Biome, a high-end professional mother and baby probiotic brand.

The development of CHH’s own brands are the core strategy of the company’s growth.

Since 2017, CHH have been developing its three flagship brands with the strategy for a high growth rate and high brand value.

We develop brands to create a better way of living.

All of our brands are positioned in the context of the Australian lifestyle,
culture & landscape.