Style has no size!

Chica Bolacha is a brazilian brand founded in 2001 by Thayná and Rosangela Candido.

The brand was the first in Brazil to adhere the all sizes concept, dressing women from 38 to 64. Chica is based on creating exclusive and timeless collections, with their own printing and collabs with brazilian female illustrators.

“We believe in fashion with identity, respect and democracy, where every woman can dress according to her personality, regardless of her size.”
The production process is 100%brazilian and respects all the collaborators, wich are only women.
Our fashion concept and the relationship with our customers differs from what we generally know in the market. We don't just sell a product, BUY Chica Bolacha is much more than a commercial transaction. It is well being, self-knowledge, empowerment and happiness.