Chloé Giselle is a beautiful, smart and tenacious brown skin girl. She is a first generation American with immigrant parents from Togo and Guyana. 

Her family migrated to the United States more than 25 years ago in pursuit of a better life, the “American Dream.”

Chloé's mother, Natalie is a fashionista! The mommy daughter duo often dresses up in matching outfits from head to toe.

Organic cloth, prints and handmade jewelry from the motherland is a staple in their closet and they want to share this cultural novelty with you.

In 2019, the family traveled to Togo. It was Chloé's first trip to Africa and her mother’s return to the continent in nearly 25 years. The experience was life changing and humbling.

Chloé's mother was inspired by the hardworking and resilient women in her hometown, who hustle to make ends meet with less than the bare minimum.

Natalie felt empowered to elevate their entrepreneurial skills. She built friendships, listened to their stories and developed a plan to connect her homeland with the mainland.

Chloè Giselle, The Brand is a partnership to empower West African women. Our mission is to provide sufficient income for their labor and craft.

Each garment was sewn by a Togolese woman and a percentage of the proceeds will go back into their hands.

Chloé Giselle, The Brand represents the American Dream for immigrants. A dream to invest in your community and never forget where you came from.

The root of our existence, celebrating our culture.

Thanks a million for your support!


Xoxo 💕

Chloé & Natalie