Circulove was born out of a desire to do good for people and the planet, in the most sustainable way possible. We want to create a true circular lifestyle with clean skincare, with no compromises.

Circulove skincare of pure nordic origin is based on microbiome and skin barrier protecting formulas - the key essentials the skin needs. Our Clean Promise to you is that all our products are 100% natural, bio-active, fresh, transparent and eco-friendly. 

Circulove’s high-performing bio-active and clean skincare products optimize your skin health in an effective, natural way. We believe that the same ingredients which are good for your body are also great for your skin.

We only use high quality food-grade oils that are 99,8% pure with the majority being co-products from the organic food industry. Our formula’s vegan probiotics and prebiotics effectively support skin microbiome and barrier, balancing and nurturing skin's natural wellbeing that is constantly compromised by daily exposure to pollution, wind and sun, blue light from digital screens and friction from wearing face masks. Our unique bio-extraction method ensures that the oils and plant extracts remain exceptionally nutrient-dense.

We purposefully strive to do better with real impact on our planet, communities and people through in-depth circular design. Our values are based on very concrete actions: being toxic-free, less waste, fresh, saving oceans by re-using ocean waste plastic, using by-products from the food industry, biodegradable raw materials, and promoting up-cycling and transparent supplier networks. We also support local fishermen, women cooperatives and small entrepreneurs for fair and shared value creation while providing clean, probiotic skin care solution that truly works. 

Circulove was founded by a group of Scandinavian designers, natural cosmetics chemists, beauticians, nurses and lifestyle professionals for whom sustainable thinking and acting responsibly is paramount.
We believe in living a sustainable, circular lifestyle and creating shared value, everyday. We are proud to pioneer this emerging, fast growing movement.

We want to combine clean, fresh and natural beauty with social responsibility and circular design thinking - the essence of purposeful beauty and a true circular lifestyle. Our clean and circular skincare solution contributes to the harmonious coexistence between eco-luxe lifestyle, inclusive communities and caring for nature, creating a virtuous circle of sustainable wellbeing for all of us. 

We’d love to see you join our mission. Together we can make a difference.