Colour Addict Jewellery



Welcome to our of Colour Addict, where we offer distinctly designed Handcrafted Gemstone Jewellery. Our Fun, Flirty and Rebellious collection will wow with its statement Necklaces and Earrings. Our shimmering Rings and gorgeous Bracelets have got you covered for that perfect celebrity styled look. Every piece we create reflects our passion for detailing and impeccable quality. All our natural stones come from ethical and conflict-free suppliers. Our unique and edgy range is made from all Natural shaped Gemstones, which are unpolished and raw. Our Collection is filled with oversized gems with brilliant splashes of colour.

What makes our jewellery stand out from the rest is its uniqueness. No two natural stones used in our jewellery will ever be alike, which makes each piece different from another.

Colour Addict Jewellery is the creation of Vereena Sundraj, an award-winning Jewellery Designer.  She was born in South Africa and is of Indian Descent, and after years of working around the world, it inspired her to bring her passion to life by creating this vibrant collection of eye catching Jewellery. She is now based in Ireland but Colour Addict was first established in Singapore in 2017, with 4 locations now in Asia.  Her unique design philosophy for Colour Addict is to make beautiful jewellery, which resembles the vibrant colours and textures of places she has been, which she brings to you through her creations.