CRIA is Custom created in San Diego, CA, and Austin, TX, USA

This all started with an obscure notation in my father’s diary. I’m an anthropologist by training and while doing a diary project about 5 years ago, looking at my father’s diaries to better understand how men in my culture create their public selves but with a private document, I chanced upon an odd jumble of numbers in one of his diaries. These made no sense to me so I asked my mother and she immediately exclaimed, “There it is!” And sure enough, it was the formula for what is now CRIA. 

My father was an ethno-biologist and my mother is a homeopathic doctor and together they crafted CRIA’s formula almost 20 years ago. My father, the quintessential, “forgetful,” scientist forgot where he wrote it and as a result it was “lost.” And of course, I come along, and serendipitously find it many years later. 

With CRIA, then, I first and foremost, honor my parents for their passion, perseverance, and commitment to developing a minimalist, organic hair care formula that is also good for the body. CRIA is powered by only 4 organic ingredients that align with the body to give you healthier, stronger, lustrous hair that lasts. CRIA is vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, chemicals free. 

CRIA is custom crafted in the USA and contains highest quality ingredients also sourced in the USA. CRIA packaging materials are fully recyclable. 

At CRIA, our mission is to offer meaningful, minimalist organic body care products carefully designed for maximum life-affirming affects. Our mission is made even more urgent with the COVID crisis that has targeted the body like never before, rendering it even more vulnerable than before. Our standpoint is empathy, for the body and for life.