CW Jewels



"Fun, stylish and quirky, yet luxurious fine jewelry for the bold and beautiful."-Caroline Wihono

Singapore based designer Caroline Wihono has a natural passion for jewellery design. Growing up in a family of fourth generation jewellers, it was a natural path to take.
In 2010, after her graduation from GIA (Gemologist Institute of America), she turned her passion into a business, estab- lishing CW Jewels.

Our mission is to create unique, timeless, fun and contemporary pieces that promote individual style and expression.

Decades of experience allows our artisans to create exceptional pieces at our factory.

Today, CW Jewels pieces are found in USA, Asia and Singapore.

CW Jewels Vision of Perfection Stud
CW Jewels Vision of Perfection Ring
CW Jewels Vision of Perfection Necklace
CW Jewels Lips Service Ring
CW Jewels Lips Service Necklace
CW Jewels Lip Service Stud
CW Jewels Cween Gold Hoop Earring
CW Jewels Cween Charm Bangle
CW Jewels CW Trilogy Ring
CW Jewels CW Trilogy Bangle
CW Jewels CW Stud
CW Jewels CW Necklace