Dermagram has dedicated numerous clinical studies to developing optimum skincare. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and every inch of our skin is a living and breathing entity. Analogous to our environment and ecosystem, our skin cells are part of a biological community with a myriad of interrelationships to maintain an intricate balance.


“Balance Skin • Balance Life” is the underlying philosophy at Dermagram, with a holistic approach to wellness, with the combination of traditional remedies and modern approaches to rejuvenate and restore the perfect balance in your skin, improving its resilience and protecting it from damaging effects of stress caused by environmental aggressions and hectic lifestyles.

Dermagram meticulously selects active constituents from 4,500 precious plant species in the Swiss Alps for proven healing powers.  The formulations are efficacious for sensitive skin, free of common irritants with 6 anti-allergic promises: hypoallergenic, colorant-free, no synthetic fragrances, paraben-free, lanolin free, and non-comedogenic.