Dersia Cosmetics



Marine skincare

Dersia was born from her passion for the sea and the respect for nature’s resources. We aim to honestly take care of the beauty of eco-active women, and we adapt to her cosmopolitan and all-terrain lifestyle. 

Dersia is a certified natural cosmetics firm with BIO ingredients on its formulas. It is a young and accessible firm that explores the sea beds to create exceptionally and unique formulations that are rich in the best active ingredients and respectful with your skin.

 Dersia’s great effectiveness stems from the high concentration of Spirulina. Spirulina is a unicellular microalga capable of inhibiting the passage of time in your skin, and it is present in all our products. It delays skin ageing, reduces acne side effects in the skin, blurs spots, and prevents premature wrinkles. Dersia makes your skin look healthy, young and full of energy.