Designs's By Dee




Designs’s By Dee is a Chicago based exclusive hair care line founded in September 2019. The idea for my hair care line was inspired by my love for hair. I originally started my venture in the field of cosmetology as a student at Paul Mitchell (School of Chicago) in 2014. While in school I learned about different hair types and how to restore and properly maintain healthy hair. The most important thing I learned was that what you put on your hair and scalp is the main factor in sustaining healthy hair. As I pondered what additional value I could offer to the beauty industry, a hair care product line was the first thing to come to mind. 

The primary objective of Designs’s  By Dee exclusive hair care line targets anyone- male and female- interested in hair restoration and/or maintaining their healthy hair. All of which results in a 5- star customer satisfaction! 

Our products are available for purchase at specific beauty establishments and via mail  and express delivery.