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Glamorous, Elite & Luxury Couture collection of body-accentuating dresses and separates, made using modern technology and innovative yarns to create perfectly fitted garments that would mold and shape the wearer's figure with its signature knitted look.

One of the peculiarities of this garments is that they are knitted, not woven.

The elusiveness is definitely fundamental for this collection. 

This knit garments swaddled the body like a custom-made cocoon. 

Our collection is made for all the confident, successful women who are equal parts swagger and substance. The kind of women who knows exactly what they are worth and demand to be treated accordingly. This line could make a woman look ready for get setting life style, high executive office work or cocktail party.

This collection explores the body-conscious designs in terms of a sculptor at work, celebrating the precision and mastery craftsmanship of construction.