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Discourse is a contemporary womenswear line that is designed and manufactured in New York City.  The collections emphasize a lighthearted accessibility and rich fabrics to create elevated staple pieces that take the wearer from morning through evening.

Discourse was founded in 2017 by Jessica Yuhouse and Alex Wood to address a void in contemporary womenswear with approachable, fun, and feminine designs.  Designed and manufactured in New York City, the collections are inspired by people, places, and a desire to create from nothingness.  Discourse prides itself on creating elevated staple pieces with unique, eye-catching twists while maintaining a utilitarian touch. 

The brand revolves around accessible and lighthearted designs, bolstered by rich fabrics with exceptional touch, with the versatility to usher the wearer from morning through the evening. Discourse embodies the desire to curate a closet with purpose, thoughtfully crafting each garment to be worn for years.

Jessica Yuhouse is a New York City-based designer who was born in Pittsburgh, PA. She moved frequently growing up, exposing her to people from all walks of life and inspiring her design process with influences from across the United States.  Today, Jessica draws her inspiration from the people and places she encounters on her continuing travels.


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