DOOZ was founded in 2019 by Rachel Borghard, a Taurus, as a way to combine her love of astrology with a desire to bring positivity and self-love into the way we get dressed everyday.


What’s your sign? We’ve got all 12. Because there’s nothing like wearing your sign on your sleeve to remind yourself of your strengths and help you fulfill your true potential. We design out-of-this-world essentials for all twelve signs so you can wear your sun, moon, or rising with pride. Sport your sign — or channel the energy of another — and let the universe lead the way.


Designed in NYC. Made in LA. To be worn anywhere. We thoughtfully source our materials and partner with the best craftsmen and local studios in Los Angeles, California. Supporting USA manufacturers is an integral part of our mission because we value where our products are made and who makes them — and we know you do, too.