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Established in 1985, Cardina the holding company of Doris Dorothea has became the leader in reptile industry in Indonesia. After the long road of being supplier and distributor of reptile leather and finish goods to many brands worldwide, in 2013 Cardina were undertaken of its second generation. The second generation bring the youth energy and freshness on the management and decided to launch their own line of exotic leather bag. They finally launched Doris Dorothea on July 2013.

Taken from Greek name, Doris Dorothea is a combination of Greek ancient Goddess name and Greek modern name. As its name, we combine classic and modern style, designed with the best material of exotic leather to create timeless elegance product for modern women. Timeless elegance is the red line of every design of Doris Dorothea product. We create our products to be beautifully wear from time to time, influenced by the simplicity of modern women and creates simple, elegance yet functional.

Doris Dorothea search for perfection in every detail, we use only the best quality reptile leather and the best material for the products, adds with the hand of our craftsman that transform it into beautiful peace of art.

Our philosophy is customer satisfaction, our quality is significant on every stage of production to ensure that our customer only get the best quality products. We serve our customer with love and high class customer service to take care and help to find the best item for them

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