Dymanz Glaze



Eugenia Davis, a Dallas Texas native, is the Owner of up-in-coming cosmetic brand, Dymanz Glaze and self-published book author. Dymanz Glaze, headquartered in Dallas, offers a full line of high pigment and cruelty free lip glosses designed to complement every shade and tone. 

In addition to serving the cosmetic industry with a bold new take on “shades for every shade”, Eugenia has also published a new e-book highlighting her mental health awareness experience in, Therapy Saved My Life. Since its debut in December 2020, the e-book has achieved raving 5-star reviews from customers ranging across the country. 

By inspiring every individual to seek mental health support, Eugenia hopes to empower the role of self-care within every lifestyle and reduce the stigma associated with seeking guidance. Through her story, Eugenia wants to encourage others that is never too late to start over with a little help.