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"The art of being dressed"

More than 20 years ago, fate introduced me to a special and amazing person - Elena Dashkova. She is one of those people who, by virtue of her profession, meets people “by clothes.”

She immediately saw the “absurdity” in my appearance. The meeting took place in the house of our mutual friend, and I did not attach importance to my appearance, but it was then that meeting forever changed my idea of ​​what it means for a woman to “be dressed."

Elena now has her own fashion brand. Her collections are sold in Europe and the USA. She is a very successful person in the fashion world.

Meeting “by clothes”, you are immediately attributed, figuratively speaking, to either “young” or “old”. I am sure that most women still prefer to be young, but to stay young at the age of 50 does not mean to wear a short dress, stilettos, or catchy makeup. Fashion has its own laws and principles, without which the image will not be “yours”.
“Being dressed” without the help of a professional is not an easy task.

Now that there is a huge selection of clothes in stores for every taste and budget, many believe that they can do without the help of a stylist, relying on their taste and the help of the seller. I will share with you advice from Elena Dashkova to show the strength and meaning of the word "art of being dressed" for a woman of any age.

After meeting Elena, I was fired up with the desire to update my wardrobe. At that time I often spent time on business trips, mainly in Italy, I bought clothes for myself and, of course, I was sure that I would get a couple of new blouses, and that would be enough to update my wardrobe. However, when Elena visited my house and looked at my wardrobe, as in the “Fashion Sentence” program, Elena left only one thing in it - a white Nike sports jacket. I was at a loss: “Why, it would seem, fashionable things of famous brands were thrown out of my wardrobe?” It turns out that they did not create my own, but a “foreign” image.


The next step on the path to the “art of being dressed” is to come to Elena Dashkova’s boutique. From a wide range of clothes, shoes and accessories, I literally tore the roof! I spent more than one hour to choose the things I liked. Everything that I chose for myself was put aside. Elena examined me and suggested trying on a few things she had chosen. It was a classic trouser suit in blue, a white blouse, a silk dress and a light Missoni coat. Shoes and bag were also selected.

I remember the reaction of my eldest son, who said: “Now you are dressed better than it always has been!” And indeed, in the clothes that Elena chose for me, I felt not only comfortable, but she also became my hallmark of a strong and successful woman. This image, created by the hands of Elena Dashkova, I supported for many years.

Now I live in Sochi. I want Elena to be able to share her secrets of “the art of being dressed” in a magazine.