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We created Emme Cadeau with one goal in mind, to create the next generation of women's comfortable and foot friendly footwear.  The desire was inspired by memories of challenging shoe shopping with a mother, who as a teacher, stood for hours on end and wanted chic shoes that provided the right support.  With that in mind, at Emme Cadeau, we spent years researching how to raise the bar, while moving away from the aesthetic that has come to define "comfort" footwear, such as, basic colors, plain materials, and boxy, unflattering shapes.  
We had all of you in mind when we sat down in the design room.  Our shoes are made for dynamic women of all ages and each style is inspired and named after strong and vivacious women who have made an impact in our lives.
We happily admit that we are not trend driven, but rather style driven. We believe that each of our designs should be timeless… an extension of you, that you can revel in over and over and over again.    
A portion of the sales of our ballet flats goes to the organization Trickle Up, which aims to empower women in developing countries.

Designed in NY, Made in Portugal: All of our designs are conceived right here in the fashion capital of the world.  We have now moved our production to Portugal, a country recognized for its expertise, knowledge and long tradition in quality footwear manufacturing