EMMYDEVEAUX was launched in 2018 by Emily Salsbury-Deveaux. Emily is an award-winning retail & real estate consultant based in Canada.

The brand was started in response to a gap in the market for high-quality clothing with stretch. She has a fabric first approach to design and then fit & function. 

She has applied her knowledge of the retail industry to innovating the brand and has successfully been no inventory waste since she launched. 

FUNDIT™ is now synonymous with the brand as a way to fund inventory. The brand is also the only one in the world to implement a program to control their secondary market. In 2020, EMMYDEVEAUX launched BUYBACK, an initiative to buy pieces back from customers. Ultimately, creating a circular brand.

EMMYDEVEAUX is focused on thought leadership in the retail industry. Emily is passionate about all areas of the operation and looks forward to expanding into other markets.