ESTRE: an aspiring new fashion brand created by women and exclusively for women


We make garments that make us feel special, inspired and beautiful. What does it take? We would say, perfect tailoring, pure materials of the highest quality and meticulous attention to the tiniest detail. There are no small features for us: indeed, it is the precious details that bring charm and unfailing elegance to even the most laconic fashion items.

It is our mission to prove that what we admire our favourite european fashion brands for, and what we value the most in them, can be found in Russia, and even flourish here. ESTRE aspires to embody the admirable artisanal skills, the impeccable professional performance and that special slightly understated elegance that speaks volumes. We look set to convince you that all of that is possible in Russia today. And, indeed, we would be delighted to see our garments become a natural part of your wardrobe, and, hopefully, even count among your favourites for years to come!