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Born and raised in Iceland, Eygló has been designing womenswear since her graduation in 2006. She finds inspiration from various things like a visit to the ER, trolls, the TV show "Murder She Wrote" and now in Christianity.

She´s the winner of "Fashion Design of the Year 2016" by the Icelandic Design Center and according to the judges: "Eygló isn’t afraid to be bold or unpredictable, finding inspiration in everything from dinosaurs to the surface of Mars. “Her collections are never the same. She just isn’t afraid to take chances and be risky."

Knitwear, printed garments and embroidery is something to be found in her latest work and the humour is never far away.

All of the garments are made in Europe, many of them in her own studio in Reykjavik.

Eyglo Arrow Pants
Eyglo Pearl Skirt
Eyglo Pearl Dress
Eyglo Black Overall
Eyglo Lace Dress
Eyglo Jesus Sweater
Eyglo Amen Dress