Applied Art Archive

F8KE CHEMICAL CLUB is a Seoul-New York based independent designer brand. Founded in 2020 by Korean Creative director Jeongeun Park, the brand creates timeless, genderless pieces for young artist that fuses bold fabric, fearless design and high quality. Considering dressing as an important part of life, we want people to grab the attention from the public and fully enjoy the spotlight with our pieces. F8KE CHEMICAL CLUB uses its voice and platform to dare others to be brave, reach their fullest potential and be great. We support young artists who have expressive desire. Who crave fame.

F8KE CHEMICAL CLUB cannot be defined in one category such as street wear or high fashion. Director Park describes her brand as an “applied art archive” and “an eye-catching gem.” Director Park continues to redefine herself every season with collections that accumulate her vision, storytelling, identity, and experience. Everything that she hears, sees, all of her emotions in every moment is related to her liberating art pieces. Her collections are based on her reality, but also her dreams and surreal visions. Her clothes have a daily function as well as an aesthetic impression that catches attention, yet contains a profound meaning that is translated in each subject of the collection. She has spent a lot of time curating her identity and inspiration into these fantastic outfits. That’s why people expect to F8KE CHEMICAL CLUBs’ next collections which display unlimited times and unknown worlds director Park hasn’t experienced yet. 

F8KE CHEMICAL CLUB Universe Denim Jumpsuit
F8KE CHEMICAL CLUB Sahara Rose Oversized Shirt
F8KE CHEMICAL CLUB Blue Flower Orbit Bomber Jacket
F8KE CHEMICAL CLUB Sand Shadow Cargo Pants
F8KE CHEMICAL CLUB Sand Shadow Coach Jacket