Fashion Lovers Value Aesthetics


My name is JJ, the founder of Fashion Lovers Value Aesthetics.  I’m a local urban farmer & a bee keeper from Washington D.C. who has always had a love for clothing and fashion. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of nice things, though I prided myself in dressing nice and liking high fashion garments. Almost 10 years ago, I started making my own clothes. I started with using permanent marker to write on pants and t-shirts with graphics that were an expression of my neighborhood. The fashion brought sight to who we were in the neighborhood, what we went through, our slang, and that what we aspired to be. 

I knew always liked my clothes a certain way, my way. That was the birth of the the clothing line, but at that time it was called Flava the Brand. It consisted of garments like sweatsuits, hoodies, t-shirts hats jackets. That is the origin story to my birth as a fashion designer. 

Fashion Lovers Value Aesthetics is a rebranding Flava the Brand. FLVA focuses on reaching other fashion lovers who value aesthetics and the garments put an emphasis on just that. It captures the essence of style and the value for aesthetic that myself and other fashion lovers share.