FLOetic Beauty



Beauty for Athletes

FLOetic Beauty is the pursuit of beauty and strength. We work out to strive for better selves, and we are entitled to look beautiful when doing so. It is with this philosophy that entrepreneur, Kirsty Su, started FLOetic Beauty in 2017. 

Proudly formulated and filled in the USA, FLOetic Beauty designed each product formula to meet the needs of active people who want the glam without the slam to their skin. Ingredients are carefully selected to create products with colors that last and texture that is gentle and soothing to the skin.

Vegan, Paraben Free, Animal Cruelty Free and Dermotologist tested* 

*For BB Cream

FLOetic Beauty BB Cream Refill SPF 25
FLOetic Beauty Be Unstoppable BB Cream SPF 25
FLOetic Beauty Find Your Edge Liquid Lipstick
FLOetic Beauty Go Anywhere Lipstick