Flora for Faunas

Drawing her inspiration from the beauty of plants and trees and flowers, Brooklyn-based designer Sarah Siyufy creates umbrellas that turn nature into a portable and personal accessory. Sarah began Flora for Faunas with the desire to surround herself with nature everywhere she goes and to capture the whimsical spirit of the natural world using bright, bold colors, soft, natural textures, and playful designs that accentuate any look. Each umbrella and parasol is one-of-a-kind, and although some designs may be similar, each one is made using slightly different materials and combinations to create a completely unique accessory.

Sarah Siyufy, Designer

FLORA FOR FAUNAS Twig Out Umbrella
FLORA FOR FAUNAS Pink-A-Boo Umbrella
FLORA FOR FAUNAS Leafy Greens Umbrella
FLORA FOR FAUNAS Into The Blue Umbrella
FLORA FOR FAUNAS Blazy Days Umbrella