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NADIN VAY is an Italian fashion designer and Creative director of the women's wear clothing Brand FRAQAIR Milan-based, Florence-produced brand offering a bright leather goods and “Cherry Blossom” Street Couture.

Each piece is made by hand, using quality Italian fabrics, leather and exclusive metallic accessories.
Fire – Aqua – Air Balance is provided by Aqua, essential to nourish all living things. This unique inspiration is the purest form of natural wonder. These vital life giving elements are unrivaled in their power. Transparent yet mysterious… Inspired by the Peace in Nature. In bright combination with Egyptian style, middle ages and the strong power of Fire.

For leaders who wear their invisible crown. For women that believe in themselves and what they can do. For the dynamic, ambitious and resolute. Unafraid to break the rules and pride themselves on this unique path… This is the Air that we breath into this design by FRAQAIR…
Fraqair Sky Blue Leather Jacket